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22 April 2020
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Did you know?

Telecom Systems, active in the integration and deployment of anti-malware protection solutions for more than 2 decades, is constantly looking for state-of-the-art solutions in order to best serve its customers.

It is in this perspective of continuous improvement that we have signed a strategic partnership with Cybereason, a company specializing in cyber security founded in 2012 in the USA and located in Boston. Telecom Systems is the only certified partner in French-speaking Switzerland. Telecom Systems offers all Cybereason solutions in managed service.

The Cybereason solution in a nutshell:

Investigate, Detect and Protect : Cybereason offers an end-to-end cyber security solution to strengthen your defense.

Do you wish to protect yourself effectively?

Cybereasongives you unprecedented visibility and the ability to stay ahead against evolving threats in a proactive manner.

Correlation engine power

The proprietary correlation engine, which is behavioral-based and powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), analyzes more data and is faster than any other solution in the market. The CMC (Cross Machine Correlation) engine is specifically designed to correlate data collected from all machines across the enterprise.

Benefits of Cybereason

»Reduce risk : Behavior-based detection powered by AI minimizes the advantage of attackers.

»Increase visibility : Get complete information on endpoint, behavior, and system data for your entire enterprise.

»Improve analyst’s efficiency : Empower your analysts by minimizing time and effort, from detection to full understanding of an incident to remediation.

To learn more about Cybereason’s solutions and related services, please contact us :https://www.telsys.ch/contact/


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