Alliance of two leaders, a new dimension in the Swiss skies!

23 July 2020
Export News

When two independent Swiss companies benefit from a history of success and the trust of their respective customers, it is undoubtedly in their interest to join hands in a common strategy: to offer the best level of service in the fields of IT security as well as datacenter and network infrastructures!

Today this is a reality and SCRT SA announces, on July 22nd, 2020, the acquisition of the company Telecom Systems SA.

SCRT SA will gradually integrate all the activities related to security currently offered by Telecom Systems SA, thus further strengthening its skills and leadership position in this field.

For its part, Telecom Systems SA will focus on its Datacenter and infrastructure activities. This unique vision will enable it to broaden its offer and continue to offer innovative and high value-added solutions, particularly in the world of the Cloud, whether private, hybrid or public.

Both companies will continue to operate with their current management teams. However, operating in synergy within the same group will enable them to specialize their areas of activity and to respond jointly and comprehensively to the needs of their existing and future customers.

With nearly 50 years of cumulative experience, this new group is nevertheless resolutely forward-looking. A strong sign of this new stage is that the 80 or so employees will soon be reunited in new shared offices in the centre of Morges.

SCRT SA is a Swiss company founded in 2002 and dedicated to the security of information systems; its activities range from intrusive audits, to SOC through consulting and the integration of specialised solutions.

Telecom Systems SA, founded in 1989, is a company specialising in the management and monitoring of computer data, both in terms of security, Datacenters and network infrastructures.

Your usual contacts at SCRT and Telecom Systems are at your disposal. In their absence, please contact

Telecom Systems

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